• Bludgeon's Best is a manufactured manufacturer, a fabricated fabricator, a pretense on which to hang Steampunk art. The (fake) official history is this:


        Benefice Bludgeon started making steam powered human replacement organs in the 19th century and with the relative success of the Steam Pancreas, Bludgeons Best was born.

        This success, despite the mixed results steam organs had demonstrated, led Benefice to expand his line to include most of the useful organs, excluding the brain and genitalia, and one useless one--the steam appendix, never a big seller.

        Today, Bludgeon's Best is a highly diversified company, straddling the globe from Burma to British Guiana.




  • Prezda, Lord, and Pasda Ammunition Company of Pointblank, Texas was acquired by Bludgeon's Best just prior to the first Western Zombie Wars, a stroke of luck that allowed Bludgeon's to weather falling sales and numerous liability lawsuits in its core steam human organ business.


    This situation was reversed after some unfortunate design decisions made by PL&P during the post-Western War period known as the Age of Zero Zombie Tolerance.


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