Benefice Aethership Macquette

Despite the  less-than satisfactory performance of the twelve  previous Benefice Aether explorers. when Benefice Bludgeon IV was asked to design a new non-terrestial spacecraft by his father, Benefice Bludgeon III (prior to the senior Bludgeons demise in the Benefice 12 conflagration) he leapt at the chance.


Incorporating lessons learned in prior mishaps and the resultant diminishing of the Bludgeon family line, the Benefice 13 promised to be all that the other ships were not. That promise, however, was not realized

and Benefice Bludgeon V has now taken the reins of the project in his late father's stead. The wood maquette that BB4 built by hand is all that remains of the Benefice 13 and Benefice Bludgeon IV.

             ©Copyright 2013 Jonathan Combs