The Piece-maker story

The Piece Process

Piece restored

The weapon of choice in the Age of Zero Zombie Tolerance.

The Piece-Maker Mk. 13-D Zombie Obliterator Heat-activated Flechette Cannon was perhaps the best known weapon of the early Western Zombie Wars.


Firing glass darts filled with heat-activated explosive, the Mk. 13-D could level vast swaths of Zombies in a short period of time--a necessity because the Mark 13-D would only fire for a short period of time before a dart would activate early and set off a chain reaction destroying the weapon and, collaterally, its crew.


Those quibbles aside, it was the most advanced weapon of its time, incorporating a small steam engine, precise clockwork magazine loading, three rotating barrels, and a helical accelerating tube to propel the darts to muzzle velocity (or thereabouts).


Amazingly, one example survived and the Musée de Bludgeons is restoring this example to firing order (with absolutely no intention of actually firing it).



Historical accuracy

In keeping with the premise that the Piece-Maker was a product of the Victorian era, every effort has been made to avoid modern material and finishes.


Naked metal

All the metal will be bare and protected by  a wax/oil combination.

There is no plating and the material was all available prior to the 20th century (although some of today's alloys may differ from the contemporaneous formulae).



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Partial Restoration


To date the process continues and the goal is to have a fully operational weapon by the end of  the year, although operational is somewhat of a misnomer as it implies intent to operate. Given the near universal mortality rate among MK 13-D gunners, we won't.


The finish on the piece will be true to  the original  pre-delivery finish which was bare metal polished to a near mirror state, Since the MK 13-D is pure brass, bronze, copper, cast iron, steel and aluminum this will be a stunning display.


The engine and loading chamber are hinged  and can be opened to view the intricate copper coils of the velocity tube.


Although modern Zombie warfare is less destructive of friendly troops, the 13-D stands as a testament to the desperate strategies of the era known as the Age of  Zero Zombie  Tolerance.



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